Savor Bristol Bay



This summer, the Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association and CFBB are teaming up with Chefs Collaborative and Sea to Table on a dinner series to help protect Bristol Bay’s wild sockeye salmon.

The situation: Bristol Bay, Alaska is home to one of our nation’s most incredibly valuable wild salmon fisheries. Every year, approximately 35 million adult wild salmon return over the course of just a few weeks between the end of June through mid-July. Read more about Bristol Bay here.

The Problem: The salmon is under threat from foreign mining corporations that want to turn the pristine Bristol Bay watershed into the Pebble Mine, a vast industrial mining operation. If built, this would be North America’s largest open-pit mine, and they risk destroying a $1.5 billion commercial and sport salmon fishery that is highly valued by chefs across the country.

How You Can Help: You and your business can help raise invaluable awareness about the salmon through hosting a Bristol Bay salmon dinner this summer. You’ll educate your customers, the media, and the public about the salmon – plus you’ll get access to national media. Win-win.

Please fill out the form below to sign up to host a Bristol Bay salmon dinner event at your restaurant anytime from mid-June to late July.

Sign up by May 27!



We will send our Chef’s toolkit with photos, fact sheets, recipes and media in May.

Chefs Stories:

Chef Kevin Davis
Blueacre Seafood
Seattle, Washington

Kevin hosted a “last wild salmon” dinner where he sold tickets for a special Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon dinner. Chef Davis used Bristol Bay slideshow playing in the background during the dinner and fishing representatives from Bristol Bay attended the dinner to say a few words about the Pebble Mine issue and what people could do to get involved.

Billy McCullough
Dragonfly Restaurant and Sushi Bar
Donner Pass Rd. / Truckee, California

“Thanks for your help with our event. All went great. We got a good crowd, but more than that, with the marketing we did with the event, we raised the awareness in this town about the Bristol Bay issue. Everywhere I go, I am stopped by people that couldn’t make it, but want to know what is happening in Bristol Bay. I am also highlighting the sockeye for the next couple weeks to show how priceless the salmon quality is!

My timing was actually good for the event. I didn’t end up showing Red Gold. The night before our event, PBS ran Alaska Gold which was current and incredibly informative.

I streamed that instead and it worked out great. Well, let’s hope the higher ups make a strong, scientific, obvious decision. Glad to be a part of this issue! Billy ”

Dave Thomasson
Farm to Griddle Crepes
Knoxville, Tennessee

Dave was serving Bristol Bay Sockeye well into September – in a September email he wrote:

“I am still talking BB Salmon! I am attaching a couple of shots from an engagement party that I made Smoked Bristol Bay Sockeye crepes for last weekend…the last of my frozen stock.”