Press Releases:

New Report! Economic Benefits of Bristol Bay Salmon

Summary of the Economic Benefits of Bristol Bay Salmon

Commercial Fishermen for Bristol Bay letter to EPA

Pebble Mine’s Permit Appeal Underscores Need for Permanent Protections for Bristol Bay

Commercial fishermen join in the “Call to Protect Bristol Bay”

Conceptual Bill Provision for the Jay and Bella Hammond National Fisheries Area

Bristol Bay’s Fishermen welcome Pebble’s Permit Denial; Call for Permanent Protections for Bristol Bay

Commercial Fishermen Response to Governor Dunleavy October 30

New secret Pebble Tapes reveal that Alaskans will foot the bill to build Pebble Mine Bristol Bay fishermen call for Alaska’s Senators to put an immediate stop to Pebble’s corrupted permitting process

Bristol Bay fishermen respond to Pebble CEO resignation

Pebble corruption confirmed – now in Pebble’s own words (Sept. 2020)

Alaskan fishermen celebrate US Army Corps of Engineers conclusion; Pebble Mine would cause significant harm to Bristol Bay (August 2020)

Army Corps releases incomplete Final EIS, putting Bristol Bay fishing industry at risk (July 2020)

Bristol Bay leaders applaud Morgan Stanley for ending support of Pebble Mine (June 2020)

Army Corps aims to release final review for the Pebble Mine while Bristol Bay’s fishing fleet is gone fishing (June 2020)

11th hour changes to Pebble Mine Permit proves Pebble’s “foot in the door” strategy (May 2020)

Alaskan Fishermen feel betrayed by rushed Federal permitting process for Pebble Mine (February 2020)

Bristol Bay fishermen & Tribes appalled to learn the extent Governor Dunleavy is lobbying on Pebble Limited Partnership’s behalf, demand corrective action (December 2019)

Congressional spending debate ends with bipartisan opinion (December 2019)

Experts Confirm Pebble Review Process is Broken (November 2019)

Fishing Industry Leaders in Seattle this Week to Expose Threats to Bristol Bay’s Fishery (November 2019)

Commercial Fishermen for Bristol Bay thanks House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee for looking into flawed Pebble Mine permitting process (October 2019)

Trump Administration ignores agency scientists, finalizes elimination of EPA’s proposed Bristol Bay protections (July 2019)

The Science Is In: Federal and State Agencies Confirm Pebble Mine DEIS is Deficient (July 2019)

Trump Administration Steam-Rolls Bristol Bay’s Fishing Fleet with Decision to Reverse Proposed Protections in Bristol Bay (June 2019)

Bristol Bay Commercial Fishing Season Opens, Fishermen Express Outrage on Pebble (June 2019)

Bristol Bay fishermen applaud Congressman Huffman (June 2019)

Comment Period Extension Does Nothing to Remedy Fundamental Flaws in Pebble EIS (May 2019)

Commercial Fishermen Dismayed with Legislature’s Confirmation of Pro-Pebble Advocate (April 2019)

Tribes, business owners, fishermen flood public hearing (April 2019)

Army Corps Presentation Leaves Alaska Legislators with More Questions than Answers on Pebble Mine Permit (April 2019)

Media Advisory: Press Conference on Ongoing Threats to Bristol Bay Fisheries, Culture, and Jobs From Pebble Mine Plan and Fed Review Process (April 2019)

Feds Turn Deaf Ear to Alaskans in Pebble EIS Process (March 2019)

Independent Study of Pebble Mine Dam Failure Released (February 2019)

Bristol Bay Fishermen Disappointed with Pebble’s Rushed Permitting Process (February 2019)

Commercial Fishermen for Bristol Bay Endorses Ballot Measure 1

CFBB Endorses Stand for Salmon: Letter of Endorsement

Commercial fishermen disappointed with Army Corps’ rushed EIS scoping report (September 2018)

Bristol Bay fishermen ask Senators Murkowski and Sullivan to follow Walker’s lead (July 2018)

Commercial fishermen call for action from Alaska’s leaders as Pebble’s comment period comes to an end (June 2018)

Bristol Bay fishermen will go fishing for the first time with a Pebble permit application on the table (June 2018)

Fishermen Applaud First Quantum Minerals for Walking Away From Pebble (May 2018)

Pebble Mine Update by Alaskans at Pacific Marine Expo (November 2017)

Commercial Fishermen Statement Concerning New Stipulations on Pebble State-Level Permit (April 2017)

Commercial Fishermen for Bristol Bay Statement on Kerrisdale Capital Report Concerning Northern Dynasty Minerals (February 2017)

New Study: Bristol Bay Fishing Jobs Outnumber Pebble Mine Jobs Nearly 100 to One (January 2017)

Bristol Bay Fishermen Pleased that Inquiry Affirms Environmental Protection Agency Conducted a Fair and Transparent Review of Bristol Bay (January 2016)

Bristol Bay Commercial Fishermen Ask Congress to Listen to Facts, not Pebble Limited Partnership-Funded Propaganda Campaign (November 2015)