About CFBB

Commercial Fishermen for Bristol Bay is a coalition of fishermen working to protect the 14,000 jobs, more than $500 million in annual income, and over half the world’s wild sockeye salmon provided by Bristol Bay’s 125 year sustainable fishery.


Commercial Fishermen for Bristol Bay is a group of commercial fishermen and fishing organizations from around the country that are working together to protect our industry and commercial fishing jobs in Bristol Bay.

As responsible fishermen we understand sustainability – the need to protect fish populations over the long haul. In Alaska, commercial fishermen take care of the salmon because we realize  the salmon take care of us.  That’s the way it has been in Bristol Bay since the commercial salmon fishery started in the 1870’s  – and for 10,000 years before the commercial fishery.  And that is why Bristol Bay  is the world’s most valuable remaining wild salmon fishery.

We are privileged to be the current stewards of this abundant resource. Ours is a remote fishery in a sparsely populated area. Spawning habitats are nearly pristine, and our returning salmon number in the tens of millions, year after year. This is the world’s most valuable remaining salmon run – a treasure that every American can take pride in.

Alaska’s constitution (and common sense) requires that the fishery be managed for sustained yield – to assure that priority is given to assuring adequate spawning stock.  Reaching that goal is the most important factor in fish management.

Fishermen working in Bristol Bay live across the nation; many participate in several other US fisheries.  These men and women are the strong hands in the nation’s dwindling numbers of seafood professionals – and their jobs are supported by the fish they catch.

Please feel free to contact us directly if you have a question or what to find out how you can get more involved in protecting Bristol Bay from the proposed Pebble Mine.

Learn more about the organizers of CFBB here: Meet the Crew

Katherine Carscallen: Alaska and CFBB Member Organizations  kat(at)fishermenforbristolbay.org

Ben Blakey: Pacific Northwest and Grassroots ben(at)fishermenforbristolbay.org