We want to make you a social media star, and send you a beautiful photo!

Hi, this is Jorden Greiner from Commercial Fishermen for Bristol Bay (CFBB). That’s me in the photo (on the right), with Kat Carscallen and Ben Blakey at our booth last month at Pacific Marine Expo. I met many of you at Expo, but this email is going out to our supporters all across the country.

You already know that Bristol Bay is one of the last, most pristine sockeye salmon fisheries left in the world, and its sustainable commercial fishery has been in existence for over 130 years. We need your help to make sure the fishery is around for hundreds more.

Would you do us a favor? Please make a quick 15-30 second video, which I will then post to our website and Facebook. We want to put the faces and the voices of our supporters right in front of federal decision makers – and the world!

Please take out your smartphone, camera, or hop in front of a computer, and follow these simple steps below.

What’s in it for you? We have five, beautiful 9” X 14” aluminum-mounted photos depicting our fishery. (We’ve got one right here on our office wall, we like it so much.) Everyone who submits a video will be entered into the raffle to receive one.

Extra bonus points if you take a picture of you and your friends with a “No Pebble” sticker or a hand-written sign! (But that isn’t necessary to receive a photo.)

Thank you for taking the time to help Commercial Fishermen for Bristol Bay, it definitely makes our holiday wishes come true! And feel free to call me if you have any questions!

Jorden Greiner
Social Media & Project Organizer, Commercial Fishermen for Bristol Bay
TEL: (907) 399-4017