Friends & fishing folk! The Real Alaska has set the date for the 2nd Annual Young Fishermen’s Bar Crawl in Ballard, WA. In recognition of the energy that a new generation of fishermen can bring to critical issues facing our fisheries, Commercial Fishermen for Bristol Bay will be kicking off this year’s crawl and buying the first round of drinks at Hattie’s Hat Restaurant! See details below.

Fish Expo is getting closer and you know what that means… boats, friends, new equipment we can’t afford and the best new tradition for those 35(ish) and younger!

By popular demand, the Second Annual Young Fishermen’s Dinner/Bar Crawl will be hosted in Ballard on Thursday, November 29th @7:00pm.

Kickoff at Hattie’s Hat @7:00pm: Dinner and drinks will be available, Hattie’s Hat is very excited to host us in the back room.
Second Stop at Smoke Shop @9:00pm(ish): The most iconic, fishermen’s bar left in Ballard
Third Stop at Lock & Keel @11:00pm(ish): Where James can buy rounds of fireballs for everyone again.

An exciting announcement is that Commercial Fishermen for Bristol Bay is kicking off this year’s crawl and buying the first round of drinks, how awesome is that!?

What: 2nd Annual Young Fishermen’s Dinner & Bar Crawl

Where: Ballard: Hatties Hat, Smoke Shop, Lock & Keel… talk to Brett at Expo for additional info.

When: Thursday, November 29th. Dinner and drinks start at 7pm. Remember, first round is covered!

Who: YOUNG FISHERMEN, 35(ish) and younger who have a stake in the industry

Why: Because last year was AWESOME! Don’t believe me, read about our amazing turnout at first bar crawl. We even had the media come and do a story titled “A Fishing Fleet with a Full Head of Hair” Check out a few photos from last year below.